A Switchboard Operator Game


Crossbar - A Switchboard Operator Game was a game developed in 48 Hours, and it was my entry for the Global Game Jam 2018.


The jam's theme was "Transmission", so me and my team decided to approach something related to "transmiting a message", and then we came up with the idea of doing a game based on switchboard operators from the WWII. The game wasn't exactly simple to make and yet we managed to finish it in the 48 hours limit.


The game is simple, but the longer you play, the faster it gets!


You play as a switchboard operator working for your country's army during the WWII. An Officer will speak to you from time to time through the radio to tell you which cables you must connect in order to connect many of the army's calls. Should you connect the cables to the wrong places or take too long to connect and disconnect calls, you'll get fired!


This was a really fun game to make, in which I designed the audio and composed the music which plays on the background. I also did the voice acting which is part of the main mechanic of the game, as you must hear the Officer's "orders" to make the right connections.


The game is free to download on, so you can check it out at any time by clicking in the link below.